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Adam D. Civalier

A popular Rochester commercial real estate investor has taken his love of graffiti to another level.

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Incorporating street art into the interiors of many of his portfolio of properties in Rochester. Commercial real estate investor and restaurateur Adam D. Civalier has taken his passion for the art style to new levels.

“It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of street art,” explains Adam Civalier. An experienced entrepreneur with an impressive property portfolio centered around Rochester, NY, he goes on to reveal that much of his art collection is street art-based. “From original pieces and prints to photographs of street art ‘in the wild,’ much of my art involves graffiti,” Civalier adds. This makes for an incredible focal point when featured in an interior.

What’s more, responsible for the interiors of many of his properties. The real estate investor’s love for the art style is well represented here, too. According to Civalier, graffiti-inspired art ofteidual pieces of art, or street art inspired furniture and textiles. To entire walls of colorful graffiti, it’s hard to match in terms of impact,” he explains.

A focus on Art in his Decor style for properties and businesses

Adam Civalier has used art focused decor style in many of his properties and businesses, including Rochester-based Thai restaurant KHONG, of which the entrepreneur is co-owner. “It lends itself perfectly to the setting, adds to the ambiance, and is often a talking point among customers,” says the real estate expert and restaurateur. “Always positive, of course!”

Adam suggests that he’s lucky to be based in Rochester NY, it is home to great architecture and great art district. “There are so many places to get inspiration!” reckons the investor. “The city of Rochester,” he points out, “is becoming a place to experience art .”

Not only that, but Civalier has also personally invited some of his favorite artists. One such as Cruk and members of the FUA Krew, to adorn the walls of numerous properties which he owns. “In my career, I’ve bought and sold commercial spaces and properties in and around Rochester, NY,” he reveals. “It immediately struck me how many of these buildings were the perfect canvas for street art.”

Adam D. Civalier explains how he’s now focused on sharing these and other artists’ work. “Anywhere I can provide a blank canvas,” he adds, wrapping up, “and where it’s appropriate, I’ll strive to do so 100%.”

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